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Summer Camp For Teachers'


Why Digital Skills?

Following educational technology trends, it has become essential that teachers acquire digital skills not merely with the consciousness of “for classroom use” but also for personal use and professional development. Teachers must learn to develop and apply digital skills personally only then can they transfer these skills in the classroom. 


The #Digitalskillsforteachers project, initiated by Olukoville is a Lifelong Learning Programme. It focuses on the development of digital competence for teachers and trainers for personal development. The project provides a platform for teachers to learn skills that can be applied within and outside of the classroom environment. Teachers need to keep their digital skills up to date, for personal use and to operate much more effectively on their jobs. The knock on effect? It helps to help improve the digital skills of learners. Beyond the classroom, teachers need to see the use of technology in another light, from a much more technology-driven, global perspective.




At this year’s summer camp our emphasis is on equipping teachers to develop standard online courses that can be available for use anywhere in the world. During this period, you will build your knowledge of how to create your own online course in any subject area you choose and basic digital skills you require to create your course. You will apply these skills to create your course which will be launched online at the end of the camp.

What Topics Will You Cover

  • What is online teaching and why is it so important today?
  • What do I need to start my online course?
  • Creating a proper E-course curriculum
  • Setting up my online course.
  • How to record and Edit videos for my online course
  • How to create and edit digital materials like advertorials for my online course.
  • How to create assessments for my online course
  • Marketing Strategies to promote your newly launched course
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What will you achieve?

By the end of the program, you'll be able to...

  1. Create and launch at least one online course
  2. Record and Edit videos for your online courses
  3. Create digital advertorials for your online courses
  4. Create online assessments for your courses.
  5. Provide online support to your learners.

Camp Details


The Summer Camp commences on the 5TH of August, 2019


Sinoki house plot 770, off Samuel Ademulegun avenue, Opposite Federal Ministry of Transport, Central Business District, Abuja





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